Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly turning into one in all the most common topics in each business and science and a lot of leading tech firms area unit showing interest in AI investment. Google’s $400 million acquisition of Deep Mind may be a prime example of thought AI application. A study conducted by the Mckinsey world Institute disclosed that tech giants like Baidu and Google spent between $20 billion to $30 billion on AI last year, with ninetieth of this spent on R&D and readying, and 100% on AI acquisitions.

The rate at that AI is increasing is gaining momentum. a similar study determined that AI growth led to 3 times the maximum amount investment in 2016 – nearly $40 billion – because it did only 3 years ago. Business sectors like aid, education, and finance are the investment in AI, however, mobile is one in every of the foremost promising areas for AI.

The idea of getting a private assistant to assist tackle everyday tasks is attracting users everyplace. However, the potential for good apps expands so much on the far side digital assistants. Today, mobile applications are exploitation AI to drastically improve user satisfaction.

This post can offer a high-level summary of the dynamic user demands and therefore the application of AI in mobile apps.

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