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On the off chance that done right, application store videos are an incredible method to rapidly indicate what your application is about and an important part of your App Store Optimization procedure.
The ultimate objective of your iOS App Preview and Google Play Store promo video are fundamentally the same as: enhance change on the application posting and get more drew in clients post-introduce. Be that as it may, their formats and imperatives are altogether different.

What’s more, this has been bringing a lot of confusion.

Even while talking about with some mobile advertising shrewd customers or partners, we regularly clarify the contrasts between video on the two stores. Counting the “big black bars syndrome” and why we unequivocally prompt against utilizing your iOS App Preview on the Google Play Store. Especially for applications in portrait mode
Let’s explore those main differences.

Search results & video on iOS 11

iOS App Store


An iOS App Preview auto-plays in mute in the list items.

In the event that the App Preview has a representation introduction (recommended), it is shown alongside screenshots #1 and #2. In the event that the App Preview has a scene introduction, it takes the full width.

The way that with iOS 11 the video auto-plays makes it extraordinary to get users consideration and increment the introduce rate straight from the search results.

No video is displayed in search results of the Google Play Store. Except for some brand searches

Google Play Store

On the Google Play Store, video’s don’t show on the search page. In spite of the fact that there is a video thumbnail for a great deal of brand looks (tapping the play catch opens a YouTube interface)

Differences in the store listings (product pages)

android v/s iOS